What you need to know

Contact Us to make an Appointment

If you are interested in seeing a psychiatrist weekly for psychotherapy and medication management, we may be a good fit. When you message us, please include your phone number and any additional pertinent information.

Dr. Darakjian will call you to set up an appointment.

What To Bring

Valid ID

Drivers License, or Identification card. Army ID card is valid as well.

Form of payment

You can bring Cash, Credit, or Check. My practice is not set up to take insurance, but I can provide a Superbill that you may submit to your insurance carrier.

All forms filled out

Please see below for the appropriate forms that you need to fill out before you arrive for your appointment. 

Downloadable Forms


I video record my sessions in order to provide the best care possible. All video recordings are stored on an encrypted, password-protected hard drive.


Filling out this form in advance ensures that I obtain the relevant information about you, and that we can maximize our time together and focus on what’s most important.


This form outlines agreements regarding the nature of the treatment and our relationship, as well as matters of privacy, confidentiality, and other policies.




Darakjian Psychiatry is not set up to take insurance.  Dr. Darakjian can provide a superbill that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Be sure to check your insurance policy regarding your deductible, as well as reimbursement rates for out-of-network providers.


Dr. Darakjian has a flat rate of $150 per hour.  The initial consultation is 2 hours, and subsequent weekly appointments are one hour each.

Sliding Scale

There are a limited number of spots for which Dr. Darakjian offers a sliding scale fee. Please contact for further details.

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